Best Online Casinos Of North & South America

 North  America Casinos

Though there are only three countries in North America, it has more casinos then any other continent. USA casinos dominate on the casino and gambling scene of North America. The USA alone numbers about 1500 gambling facilities including poker rooms, resort style casinos and pari-mutuel facilities hosting events such as Jai Alai, greyhound and horse racing. The most famous casinos are in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe. Rapidly growing gambling sectors in America are Colorado and California casinos.

Canada’s gambling industry is growing and now counts up to 100 casinos to pick from. Gambling facilities vary from medium sized casinos to incredibly large ones. You are offered craps, slots, keno, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and especially popular B.C. casinos. Cuisine in all these casinos is delicious. The Canadian lottery results, Powerball Results and other multi-state lotteries are available here.

Mexican casinos are not so developed, probably because of the act provided by the Mexican government in 1935, which put restrictions on casino gambling. But there are rumours that Mexican casinos will soon be legalized throughout the country.

1493 casinos and 712195 slots make USA the leader in gambling industry in North America.

Canadian online casino

Popular North American gambling joints and casinos.

Over 1000 North American commercial casinos, including USA, Canada and Mexico’s gaming establishments, generate roughly $29 billion in annual revenue. Las Vegas casinos, Reno casinos and New Jersey, Atlantic City are the “Mecca” for gambling, attracting millions of people from throughout the world. Besides these popular places, gambling joints situated in Biloxi, New Jersey, various Indian reservations and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast also lure gamblers. According to American Gaming Association, trusted online casinos are in 11 states, Indian casinos can be found in 28 states and lotteries are developed in 40 states.

Legality of Online Casinos in North America:

The online gambling legality in North America is still an issue of debate. There is some contradiction, as gambling law authorities state that Internet gambling is not explicitly prohibited by any United States federal statute or regulation, but at the same time certain things are considered by the US government to be illegal and are prosecuted. The wire act is often thought to regard online gambling as a federal offence, but it can be read in different ways. The law is on your side only as long as state laws are obeyed and you do not owe a the house rake share, wager only against other players, take part in the skill game and do not bet sports.

South America Casinos

Casinos can be found all over the world without excepting South America. Argentina has more than 70 casinos and is the gambling industry leader in the region. Chile and Peru are also rich in casinos. One can also enjoy gambling at casinos in Venezuela, Suriname, Uruguay, Ecuador and Columbia. Please, view the Full Report for more information.

Casinos anywhere in the world are trying to stay up to date, providing both time proven and high-end gaming. So do casinos in South America, with lager ones being resort style casinos offering full range of tourist activities. Poker and most standard casino games are accompanied with some you may have not heard of yet.

Though poker in South America is quite prevalent it is not legal at all places. There exist various associations aimed at promoting the game. For instance, the Association Poker of Venezuela, dedicated to the spreading, control and administration of poker and some variant games.

Pari-mutuel betting facilities are also developed throughout South America, but the most popular are thoroughbred horse racing facilities.

South American countries to chose for gambling

Casinos and other gambling facilities are most prevalent in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. Go to Chili to enjoy Thunderbird and Martinez. Traveling to Argentina don’t miss a chance to try your luck at

Casino del Norte in Clorinda, Casinos del Litoral in Bella Vista, Ciudad de San Luis or Crown casino. Hippodromo Argentino de Palermo will be interesting for admirers of horse track racing. There are also some other associations for casinos including Boldt Group or Latin american gaming association, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

26 locations of electronic gaming facilities can be found in Panama, while Peru has only six such locations.